Are you ready to make Australian history ??

Terrain Training would like to thank everyone who participated in ABOCTS. 

We think the day exceeded everyones expectations, including ourselves. Planning has already begun for ABOCTS No2.

Keep visiting our website or Facebook fanpage for updates.

In the meantime we hope you enjoy some photos and footage created by you.

Also special mention thanks also goes out everyone who helped us on the day and to the fantastic team from Kokoda Grunt and Obstacle Racing Magazine.

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The world of Obstacle Course Events is continually growing in popularity throughout Australia.


However, there has always been something missing in many of our preparations leading up to the big day.


There are many effective ways we can train to help us prepare ourselves physically: Bootcamps, Gyms, Running etc.


Can any of these truly prepare you for the physical techniques required for climbing a 3m High Wall or Climbing a 4m High Cargo Net?


Terrain Training, The Outdoor Fitness Specialist have the answer.


We have recognised that there is a lack of specific training resources available, so we have decided on the 16th of February 2013 to launch our inaugural, "Australia's Biggest Obstacle Course Training Session".


Help us make history by being part of a training event never before seen in Australia.


You will have the opportunity to run through an actual training Obstacle Course; learn the various techniques of climbing a rope, crawl efficiently through a low lying area, learn how to traverse a 20m span of rope over water and land.


And this is just the beginning.


We are inviting people of all levels of Obstacle Fitness and Conditioning. It doesn't matter if you have never done an Obstacle Course before, or if you are seasoned to Obstacle Courses, we guarantee you will be given a run for your money.


Only 30 minutes drive South of Coolangatta, to our 27 acres of Obstacle training heaven.


Spread over a 5-7km course, you can expect some challenging hills, loads of water, and over 20 obstacles (High Walls, Rope Climbs, Cargo nets, 50m incline rope pull  & much, much more. They will test every ounce of your mental and physical, strength and courage.


We will be introducing 3 designated time slots throughout the day (early morning, late morning and early afternoon). Places will be strictly limited for each time slot to ensure there is no over crowding at any point. Within each time slot we will be offering 4 waves (Advanced 1, Advanced 2, Intermediate and Beginner/practice). We encourage you to nominate your own wave. Minimum age requirement is 16 years.


If you have added events like Kokoda Grunt, Zombie EscapeBeach Bash, Spartan Race or Tough Mudder to your calendar in 2013, there's no better way to prepare yourself than by booking in to our training event!